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Dhamma Talk Program

Our Association had held Dhamma Talk Programs in Norway Stjørdal and Kristiansund on September 30th and October 1st of 2017.



What is Dhamma Talk Program

This program is not the same traditional way as usual, the leading Bhuddist monk to preach the Bhuddist Dhamma teachings and sermons, this is the type of discussion reciprocall conversational discussion upon Bhudda Dhamma.

Our Aims
1. We aim to spread Dhamma knowledge to our association members, displaced persons migrant to Norway, who wish to find out deeply of Bhudda Dhamma.
2.Especially to enhance the curious mentality of youth and young children upon Bhuddism.


The questions of youth and young children are very interesting; for example;

Why Bhuddist monks are not eating late noon meals ?

The nirvana is boring place or not because there is nothing ?

Why female are not allow to enter or go up upper level of pagodas ?

Whoever has ever been to hell ?


Above-mentioned program was held in Stjørdal and Kristiansund in Norway.

The committee of association is manage to plan for celebrating Dhamma Forum for Youth in forth coming 2018 Budget Year.

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